What Do Tire Numbers Mean?



Curious about the significance of tire numbers? If you’re shopping for a new set of tires and want to be sure you get the right ones, then it’s important to understand tire number meaning. So, what do tire numbers mean? Learn more with the North Freeway Hyundai Service Center, and when you need new tires, schedule your replacement with us near Houston!

Tire Number Meaning

What do the numbers on tires mean? The series of letters and numbers tied to a tire reflect its tire code. More specifically, the letters and numbers represent size, load index, speed rating, and type of tire required for optimal performance. See below for a tire number meaning example.

P215/65R15 95H

This may appear as gibberish, but tire code meaning can be derived from this string of numbers and letters.

Decoding “P”

Starting off the code is a letter. In this instance, P stands for “P-Metric tire,” which indicates that the tires are meant for passenger vehicles. Otherwise, LT stands for “light truck,” as another example, meaning the tires are used for light-weight pickup trucks. If you notice there is no letter preceding the code, then it is a European-style tire, or Euro-Metric tire, which bears different load capacities.

Decoding “215”

After the “P,” you see “215,” which represents the tire width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. So, in this example, the tire width is 215 millimeters.

Decoding “65”

The aspect ratio code comes next, which is the height of the tire’s cross-section to its width and is “65” in this example. Simply put, the example tire has an aspect ratio where its height equals 65% of the tire’s width.

Decoding “R”

Next up, the “R” indicates the tire’s construction, and “R” means radial.

Decoding “15”

The following number represents wheel size from one end to the other, so “15” lets us know the tire is meant for a 15-inch wheel.

Decoding “95H”

The final set of numbers and letters, which is “95H” in this example, stands for the tire’s load index and speed rating. The load index of “95” here reveals how much weight the tire can support when properly inflated, while the speed rating of “H” represents how fast the tire can safely rotate. The speed rating is ranked from A to Z, and a tire with an “H” rating reaches a maximum speed of 130 mph.

How to Check Tire Pressure

No matter tire number meaning, one universal rule of thumb is maintaining proper tire pressure for the best performance possible on Woodlands roads. Most new vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and when your tires are over- or under-inflated, the TPMS will issue an alert. When this occurs, refill your tires with air if necessary, or bring your vehicle to North Freeway Hyundai to have your tires checked!

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