How to Change a Hyundai Key Fob Battery

Holding Hyundai Key Fob

If you do a lot of driving around Cypress and Houston, you’ll likely need to handle your Hyundai key fob battery replacement. If you’re wondering how to change the battery in a Hyundai key fob, our expert service center at North Freeway Hyundai has you covered. We’ve created a guide on how to replace and program your Hyundai key fob with ease. Feel free to contact our service center if you run into any issues along the way.

How to Open a Hyundai Key Fob & Replace Battery

Before completing your Hyundai key fob battery replacement, it’s good to know how to open the Hyundai key fob itself first. This is a simple task that does vary depending on the model year of your Hyundai vehicle.

How to Open a Hyundai Key Fob: Step-by-Step Guide

  • To remove the metal key, press and hold the metal tab or button. Then, use the metal key to open up the back cover on your key fob by inserting the key into the tiny opening and turning it in either direction. This should open it right up!
  • If you have an older Hyundai model, there’s a small notch along the side of the key fob. You can carefully pry open the key fob at the botch using a coin or a flat screwdriver. 

How to Replace a Hyundai Key Fob Battery: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. With the key fob open, carefully lift the circuit board to find the battery. Keep in mind how the battery is positioned in the key fob before removing it because that’s how you’ll place the new battery into the key fob.
  2. Check to see the kind of battery needed – most key fobs require a CR2032 battery. These are affordable batteries that you can easily find at department stores and auto stores around the Woodlands area or online.
  3. Place your new battery into your key fob. Make sure that the battery makes contact with all of the connections.
  4. If you removed a metal key, remember to replace it when your Hyundai key fob is snapped back together.

With the new battery in the key fob, it’s time to learn how to program your Hyundai key fob. 

How to Program a Hyundai Key Fob

Follow these steps below to program your Hyundai key fob: 

  1. Get inside your Hyundai and close the doors.
  2. Using your key, turn your Hyundai to the “ACC” (accessory) position on your ignition.
  3. Hold the “open” or “unlock” button on the key fob until your car lights flashes.

Now that your Hyundai key fob is programmed, you’ll want to test it to make sure that it’s working properly. If it’s not, reopen the case and make sure that the batter is in there right and the connections are touching. Then, reprogram the Hyundai key fob. If it’s still not working, a Hyundai key fob replacement is required.

Keep in mind that the above only works on key fobs that were previously programmed for your Hyundai vehicle. If you bought a new key fob, please visit our Spring service center to have it programmed.

North Freeway Hyundai is Your Trusted Destination For Your Servicing Needs!

If you get stuck along the way or have any questions about programming your Hyundai key fob, feel free to schedule a service appointment at North Freeway Hyundai. We offer competitive prices and service specials to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

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