Texas Tax Credit for Hybrid Cars

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We’ve all heard about the environmental benefits of the hybrid and electric vehicle market, but there are also countless benefits for your everyday driving experience. Many Woodlands drivers ask us, “Does Texas give a tax credit for hybrid cars?” And the answer is yes. Not only is there a Texas hybrid tax credit and Texas electric car tax rebate, but also a federal-level hybrid tax credit. Learn more about the incentives and eligibility requirements, and be sure to stop by North Freeway Hyundai to start browsing our hybrid and electric options.


Hybrid and Electric Car Tax Rebate

If you opt for either a hybrid model or an EV, you can likely take advantage of a tax credit or rebate. And not only can you qualify for a Texas hybrid tax incentive, but you might also qualify for additional ownership perks – including reduced electric rates and charging station rebates. Take a look at some of the options for the Houston area:

  • Texas Electric Car Tax Credit: The State of Texas offers a $2,500 rebate for buying an electric car, and the Texas EV Rebate Program accepts 2,000 applications per year.
  • Federal Electric Car Tax Credit: The U.S. Federal tax credit gives up to $7,500 for the purchase of an EV, and the Federal Tax Credit extends to 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer.

Hybrid and Electric Car Ownership Savings

The Texas hybrid car tax incentive is just the beginning. Many Cypress worry about the costs of ownership, and hybrid and EV models offer tons of opportunities to save. Of course, you’ll spend far less on fuel costs. But, you might be surprised by just how much less a hybrid or EV model costs to maintain.

  • Maintenance: EV models have fewer moving parts, which means simpler maintenance. Batteries are virtually maintenance-free, and there’s no need to schedule an oil change. Auto manufacturers estimate that you could reduce your maintenance costs by 40% just by making this switch.
  • Efficiency: EV models generate up to the equivalent of 89 mpg while producing 60% fewer emissions. That translates to between $500 to $1,500 per year in gas savings and cleaner air.
  • At-Home Charging: Some utility companies offer rebates for the installation of your charging station, and some also provide reduced-rate plans for nighttime hours – so you can charge your vehicle overnight at a bargain rate!

Learn More About the Hybrid Tax Credit with North Freeway Hyundai

Want to learn more about the Texas electric car tax rebate? Get in touch with us at North Freeway Hyundai to see how you can save on your next hybrid or EV purchase. Contact us with your questions and we’ll pass along all the information that you need about making the switch to greener technology. Then, schedule your test drive in a new Elantra Hybrid or Santa Fe Hybrid today!

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