How to Get a Used Car Ready to Sell

Wiping Down Car Dash with Cleaning Cloth

Maybe you’re looking for a brand new model that suits a new lifestyle. Maybe you just want a used vehicle that’ll get you from point A to point B without breaking the bank. No matter what you want, if you’re trading your old car in to get it, we’ve got some facts on how to get a used car ready to sell. What does it mean to sell a used car to a dealership vs. a private buyer? There are several advantages you can expect when you buy from us. Houston and Woodlands drivers can read on to learn how to properly prep a used car for sale.

Getting Your Used Car in Salable Condition

If you’re in Cypress and you want to sell that used car, there are a couple things you should consider when it’s time to sell. Here’s our tips on how to get a used car ready to sell:

  1. Have the vehicle detailed thoroughly before you bring it in. You’d be surprised at the places that dirt can get into when you drive your vehicle for a really long time.
  2. Have your routine maintenance done, but you might want to skip the big jobs. We suggest you get your fluids checked, oil changed, tires rotated, and wheels balanced and aligned before you bring your car in. However, if you’re looking at major maintenance on your used car, it might be best to leave it to us because it’ll impact your trade value less than you might think.
  3. Have all the original parts handy. That includes keys, the owner’s manual, accessories that came with the car, and the like.

Selling a Used Car to a Dealership vs. Private Buyer

You’ve got the option of selling your car to a dealership or to a private buyer. We suggest going with a dealership, as you can then enjoy benefits like:

  • An accurate trade-in value where you’re negotiating with a professional
  • Not inviting a stranger over to your house
  • Being able to purchase your next vehicle at the same place you just sold your old one

Sell Your Used Car or Trade in at North Freeway Hyundai

Want to get an accurate, top-dollar value on that trade-in vehicle? There’s nowhere better to bring it to than North Freeway Hyundai. We would love to be your guide throughout the used car trade-in process. You can count on our years of expertise. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started!


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